23-Year-Old Ibrahim Kargbo Wins Mega Promo TVS Motorbike

23-Year-Old Ibrahim Kargbo Wins Mega Promo TVS Motorbike

As Africell Sierra Leone Mega Promo continues, there have been two winners of the Motorbike TVS, Saudatu Koroma and Ibrahim Kargbo. These two winners of the Mega Promo are truly living testimonies, and the company believes that their subscribers will continue to win as it is a give-back time to the people of Sierra Leone.

Ms. Nancy Toure, the manager of Event and sponsorship, shed light on the significance of playing the Mega Promo lottery draw. She attested that they want to continue putting smiles on the faces of their subscribers, especially at a time like this.

Abdul Aziz Kamara furthermore emphasized that they shall continue to give out to their subscribers, and the only desire is for the subscribers to continue recharging their sims and keep playing the lottery so they can also be the lucky winners like Saudatu Koroma and Ibrahim Kargbo had won them already.

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The 23-year-old Ibrahim Kargbo said he was excited when he was notified on Saturday that he had won one of the promotions. “Chief Koblo-Koblo informed me that I have won Motorbike TVS so I informed my mother about the good news but she and I were somehow skeptical about the news. My dad said we should go to the office and see for ourselves, so Chief Koblo-Koblo called me again on Monday to tell me that I should come to Africell headquarters at ten o’clock a.m. and I came along with my mum and brother for this good news I say thank you Africell.”

Salamatu Koroma is the mother of Ibrahim Kargbo she applauded Africell Sierra Leone for their great effort and affection, which showers upon the people of Sierra Leone “I never believed this Mega Promo, but the winning of my dear son has made me believe and I will endeavor to spread this good news everywhere and to everyone I know, I pray that God shall continue to bless Africell for us the masses and especially my son. To you my fellow subscribers, I want you to be steadfast in recharging your sims and playing the raffle draw, I believe you will be the next lucky winner,” she enthusiastically said.

23-Year-Old Ibrahim Kargbo Wins Mega Promo TVS Motorbike
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