His Excellency Ernest M. Ndomahina, Sierra Leone’s  Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China has participated in an e-commerce conference in ZHENGZHOU, China were he states the new Direction plan of President Julius Maada Bio to boost e-commerce in promoting global trade. The International cooperation Forum on Global Cross Border E-Commerce is geared towards improving Global cross border e-commerce.

HE Ndomahina expressed his excitement to participate in the Silk Road’s 4th International Cooperation Forum on Global Cross Border E-Commerce as Sierra Leone under the leadership of President Bio is seeking to improve the digital market of the country.

“The occasion is quite auspicious especially as it offers me an opportunity to share with you my thought on this highly germane topic, which centres on the crucial role of e-commerce in marketing global supply chains within the context of covid-19”. HE Ndomahina stated.

Ambassador Ndomahina went on to applaud the effort of all the frontline workers battling the world common enemy; COVID19, adding that they are true heroes and heroines that have sacrificed to save mankind. He said “We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their priceless sacrifices”.

The Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China pointed out that covid-19 is an unprecedented global crisis. Adding that it is the cataclysmic that is equivalent of neutron bomb since it is only targeting and destroying humans, as over 30 million cases have been confirmed worldwide.

Ambassador Ndomahina furthered that the crisis has led to most countries responding by restricting their International movement of goods and persons, and has inflicted profound damages on the global distribution of vital goods and services.

He therefore raised concern over the threat of a second wave of the outbreak that will further disrupt trade policies, and may even prolong and intensify the current global economic recession.

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“within this context of distorted international trade , global e-commerce has become a panacea, foreign trade methods such as “cloud market”, “cloud procurement” and “cloud exhibition” have developed innovatively; the shift of global trade to online has accelerated, and foreign trade companies have accelerated”. He said.

He explained how digital trade has reshaped the global trade supply chain and upgrading the industrial chain, and that cross border e-commerce has brought great development opportunities and has enhanced global foreign trade .

Ambassador Ndomahina commended China for being the pacesetter and role model in this changing context of global trade. He mentioned that the International e-commerce methods have become important trading platforms through which several Chinese companies now trade in vital goods and services worldwide.

“It is obvious that the innovative initiative would certainly broaden the scope of cooperation between China and the rest of the world”. He added.

The Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China expressed optimism that the cooperation frame work that is held within the Belt and Road’s Initiative and Silk Road e-commerce cooperation mechanism would offer Sierra Leone new opportunities to further strengthen the existing ties with China especially in domain of e-commerce as the New Direction administration led by HE Bio is working to improve on the e-commerce trade through the Directorate of Science Innovation and Technology.

The Ambassador thanked the organisers of the conference and encouraged Chinese companies to continue doing business with Sierra Leone companies that are interested in online trade.

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