Chief Moseray vie for SLPP Western Area Chairman


By: Ibrahim Kabba Turay  

As the race for Western Regional Chairman in the forthcoming National Executive Elections intensifies, Chief Abu Hindolo Moseley, who is vying for the position of Chairman spoke to this medium about how he intends to transform the West Area.

Chief Moseray speaking this medium, said because the present chairman of the Western Area is not active anymore, and it is high time young people took over the party and he can delivery

“I am in this contest not because of personal reasons but to properly represent my people on the political map of Western Area. I have proven records of fostering peace in the West Area and the SLPP at the stage we need each other for a general purpose that is to win 2018. He said

He said the grassroots at the West Area love him so must because he always go down to them to know their problem, said so if he is giving such an opportunity to serve as chairman the party will never regret it

 “Since the party has come to power, his door has always been open for grassroots at the Western Area,” he said.

Chief Moseray said his leadership qualities to deliver the Western Region to the SLPP come 2023.

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 “I listen to everyone’s opinion. I talk to everyone that demands his attention and I will not stop at nothing that will undermine his hospitality and receptive nature,” he said.

He said at this moment, what they need, is for the leadership of the party to elect the right person at the constituencies which that person is him, and he is ready to serve his party and the Western Region.

 “I am not contesting against anyone but for change in this region. This is not a contest or fight. We should not even shower invectives on other aspirants because, at the end of the day, we are all “one people and have only one country”. The Western Region will be surely delivered to the SLPP come 2023 general elections once I am elected regional chairman,” he said.

As a man who respects every aspirant in the race for Western Regional Chairman, he stated that he will have to go to his “political dad”, Hon. Manso Dumbuya, who currently holds the office of the Western Regional Chairman, to pay his respect and disclose his candidature to him.

He said if he wins the April 24 Western Regional Chairman elections, he will construct a regional office for the SLPP and provide accommodation for the youth who will be deployed there to take care of everything that belongs to the party.

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