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I am in deep grief to have learnt about a fatal accident along the Makeni-Lunsar highway involving a team from Makeni while returning from playing football in Batkanu. The tragic accident has left the football community in Sierra Leone shocked and saddened, with tributes being left for the victims and their families on social media.

The accident, undoubtedly, is a shattering blow to, especially Northern Region football and Sierra Leone football by extension. This is really hard to take. It is something you never imagine will happen to a football team. I don’t remember if ever, has such a shock hit football in this country as this tragedy has done.

I have been told that this team was not just a football team. It was a fraternity which stood for all that was fine in the skill of the game, for all that was good in youthful athletics, and for all that was commendable in sportsmanship – an inspiration for every young athlete in that part of our country.

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On behalf of the officials, players and fans of Bo Rangers Football, I would like to offer our most heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the team. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones as no words can diminish their suffering. We wish they can have strength and we hope Allah (God) can comfort their hearts.

©️ Mr. Babadi Kamara
Executive Chairman
Bo Rangers Football Club

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