Constituency 113 SLPP Executive Donate to Allen Town Community Health Center


On Saturday 6th March 2021, a cross-section of Constituency 113 SLPP executive made a timely donation of the high-quality hospital bed to the Allentown Community Health Centre.

During the presentation process, the SLPP constituency secretary Mohamed Jawad admonished health officials and other community stakeholders that as a party in governance they have more than a responsibility to meet some of the felt needs of the community people, he noted that their constituency chairman is on avoidably absent due to another schedule. He disclosed that the donation is being done by a member of their team he further called upon members to do the needful.

The constituency scribe underscored that the Chairman of the Facility management Committee, Mr. Idriss Sahid Kamara who was also their aspirant in 2018 Parliamentary and the general election has done great things in terms of development in constituency 113 which should not go unnoticed.

Receiving this donation Community Health Officer (CHO attached at the Allentown CHC Mr. Mohamed Kabba, commended the constituency executive member who donated to the facility, noting that as facility officials they are challenged with so much equipment at the facility to make their work effective acknowledging that the donation is a step in the right direction.

The CHO furthered that, they have presented their challenges on Electricity, water supply, and another sort to the District Health Management Team and Non-Governmental organization who has been supporting them of which they assured of help, but at the moment, the electrical power and water supply are very pressing that community stakeholder and Government should pay great attention in solving immediately.  

A member of the DHMT representing the DMO also thanked the members donating to the facility. He also states that, for the health sector to reach its best peak,  a combination of the assistance of both the health sector and the non-health sector is highly needed at all times.

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In as much as the group is making this timely donation at the facility, he prayed that it has no political undertone that will limit this it but honestly according to the need and suffering of the people.

He also recalls the upgrading of many health facilities such as satellite, Rokupa and Kayama road, and Macauley Street hospital that has been upgraded to BEMOC Facility that renders operation and other emergency services. Receiving this upgrading to the BEMOC facility can also be determined by the population size and stakeholder support to the facility the CHO noted.

He furthered that, there is certain Peripheral Health Unit that does offer operational services because they have the trained and qualified staffs to do that. He also stated that the quality of the bed donated is of standard and will help meet the standard of other facilities like the 34 military hospitals which a member made measured of having attained the standard.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Kabba said that this time they are very conscious about disbursing finances because the institution supporting them has drastically cut down on their expenditure in certain developmental activities they undertook, and now that other stakeholders have cheeped in to donate such an item at the facility is a welcoming one. He also commended community stakeholders for their strive to make the CHC their concern in terms of monitoring and attracting development at the facility.

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