Kharifa Abdulai Kumara, Founder and Director of DreamDay Technology Limited

By: Pastor Sinneh of Mortuary Evangelical Ministry

In their bid to fast-track the development of the education sector in the country and create an enabling environment for students to have access to course materials online, DreamDay Technology, a local company, last November launched its latest e-library, capturing all types of course materials and books relevant to the various curriculums in schools and universities across Africa. Unfortunately, their efforts have not been recognized by the authorities in the Ministry of Education (both sectors) as an action to complement the efforts of the government in the development of the sector.
In an exclusive interview with Kharifa Abdulai Kumara, Founder and Director of DreamDay Technology, it was revealed that the rationale behind the development of the e-library was to give people the opportunity to publish and collect learning materials, including dissertations from Sierra Leone that can positively contribute to other students and institutions across the country. This online platform aims to provide solutions in the educational sector in the country.
Kumara furthered that the online library also allows people to access books and published dissertations from universities across Sierra Leone. DreamDay Technology, he maintained, observed that Sierra Leone is lagging behind in terms of information technology, whilst the world continues to advance by the second, noting that the emergence of COVID-19 has taught the country a lesson that the country should go digital, which is also in line with the aspirations of President Bio to catapult the country into the digital revolution when he said that Sierra Leone should not be left out in this fourth revolution, it is therefore against this backdrop that they decided to develop this electronic Library, where students and workers can have access to materials of their choice at any time of the day, which is a far cry from what is offered in the traditional libraries, where they are only opened to the public at certain days and time, and often do not have the necessary texts desired by students or researchers to do their work. The3 online library provides the best and most reliable substitute for students and workers desirous of getting information on any topic.
Unfortunately, Kumara disclosed that all efforts to get the Ministry of Education to recognize, and probably engage them on how they could best use their services to help develop the sector, no action has been seen, despite advances have been made by DreamDay Technology to have an audience with the respective ministers on the possibility of partnering with them to help give students and every interested Sierra Leonean access to this service. He disclosed that they have developed a platform known as the Salone Repository with its official link to the e-library being – This platform, Kumara furthered, provides access to all who may desire to get access to school, university and other materials for studies, research, etc. at any time of the day, within the convenience of their homes and at their own time.
To further provide ease to learning, DreamDay Technology will be launching its DreamDay University, an electronic learning platform that allows university students and busy workers to attend lectures online. This, Kumara disclosed, will be launched in March this year. This, he maintained is not going to operate as a fully functional university, but rather provides the necessary academic support to the students in universities who may lack the necessary time, due to their job and other activities to attend all classes, but could get same from the online university lectures. DreamDay Technology also partners with other universities and institutions in Sierra Leone on the various courses undertaken plus learning materials used.
It is hoped that the Ministry of Education (both sectors) would see a reason to engage and partner with DreamDay Technology for the development of education in the country, which is the flagship project of President Bio.

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