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By: Ibrahim Kabba Turay

NACOVERC has issued a press statement dated Thursday 21st January 2021 informing the general public that stating from Monday 25th January 2021 curfew from 10 pm to 5 am will reintroduce nationwide.
This statement came after COVID-19 cases in the country is increasing on a daily bases, the country is recorded over three thousand infected people and over 70 people have died
The statement also stated that since December 2020, the statement says they have an exponential rise of confirmed COVID-19cases, largely attributable to the festive season.
The press statement also stated that between December, 1st 2020 and January 18, 2021, positive cases from routine tests and outbound passengers alone account for over 80% of confirmed positive cases.
The statement stated that the nation took appropriate measure to keep COVID-19 in check during the first wave; we must “with renewed vigor and extra vigilance pull together as one nation, to address this second wave”
The presidential task force has announced the following measured that will go into effect on Monday, 25th January 2021 for a period of two weeks subject to review, that night-time curfew will be reintroduced nationwide from 10 pm to 5 am.
An electronic pass system (E.pass) will be used to regulate all essential movement, and restricted movement in and out of the Western Area, during this period community testing will be conducted.
All essential movement of persons from the western area will require proof of a negative COVID-19 test valid from 72 hours, restaurants and bars shall not operate during weekends, and clubs remain banned.
Sporting activities can only be conducted without spectators, all public transportation will be fully enforced and defaulters will be penalized, and all public meetings including activities of ministries Department and Agencies shall be prefaced with COVID-19 prevention messages and compliance. All non-state actors are required to do likewise.
Places of worship shall hold services for not more than one and half 90 minutes. Where more than one service may be conducted there shall be thorough infection prevention and control (IPC) cleaning at intervals

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