The Deputy Minister of Justice Hon Umaru Napoleon Koroma Paid an Unannounced Visit to Susan’s Bay Fire Disaster Community

Deputy Minister of Justice Hon Umaru Napoleon Koroma _

The Deputy Minister of Justice Hon Umaru Napoleon Koroma who doubles as the Sec General of the SLPP party paid an unannounced visit to Susan’s bay fire disaster community, On arrival, The Deputy Minister meet with the team of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) who continues to lead the response to the Susan’s Bay Fire incident – a level two national disaster.
The Minister was briefed on the level of damages caused by the fire incident and supports ranging from Freetown City Council and a range of partners.
In a brief explanation from the head of the National Disaster Management, He says
Registration of the victims of the fire established that 7,093 people were affected across 1597 households. A multi-agency needs assessment has been undertaken, which identified accommodation, water & food, and clothing as priority requirements for affected residents.
He established that
Amongst many others, provisions so far include;

  1. Supply of food and water for up to 5000 victims.
  2. Fifty-three tents erected.
  3. Seven water tanks.

Freetown City Council is playing a supporting role, coordinating and collaborating with the NDMA Pillar Leads for Registration, Shelter, Water/Sanitation, Logistics, Psychosocial, Nutrition (and non-food items), Security and Education through Deputy Mayor Osman T Koroma, Councillor Madina Kamara, Metropolitan Police, and Social Services Department.

He expresses that there were no fatalities but 409 people were reported injured.

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In response to what was mentioned to the Deputy Minister of Justice Hon Napoleon Koroma, He expresses his profound sadness towards what’s he has seen himself and that he promises to convey all that’s required for as been discussed for action happens for the affected victims as urgency issue for action happens for what’s required for them
He reassured that he’s going to communicate with immediate effect to the President and the Government of Sierra Leone on what’s required for action to happen towards the normality and bringing back stability to the affected victims.
The Minister took a full round tour within the affected areas with victim crying out loudly and stressing on Government interventions is badly needed.

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