The Deputy Minister of Justice Lawyer Umaru Napoleone Koroma and Minister of Tourism & Cultural Affairs Dr Memunatu Pratt Have Worked Assiduously in Achieving Excellency President Julius Maada Bio’s Human Capital Development Agenda


The Deputy Minister of Justice, Lawyer Napoleon Koroma, is material for the SLPP. I do admire Umaru Napoleon’s passion for the SLPP as a young and dynamic season lawyer. lawyer Umaru Napoleon Koroma is very intelligent, very vibrant, outspoken, respectful, generous, and results-oriented. Lawyer Napoleon Koroma is one of my favourite political mentors in SLPP as the youngest National Secretary General of the great Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP.

Since Napoleon Koroma was elected as the National Secretary General of the SLPP to date, I have learnt a lot about internal politics from him and Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Dr Memunatu Pratt. Both Ministers have worked tremendously in transforming President Julius Maada Bio’s agenda for human capital development.
Every time Napoleon Koroma and Dr Memunatu Pratt make a political speech, I will take my precious time at home to analyse the speech within myself. Their knowledge of politics and experience in governance are incomparable.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma and Dr Memunatu Pratt are the few politicians that have given me the strength and energy to push my passion for SLPP internal politics. Since Lawyer Umaru Napoleon was appointed by President Maada Bio as Deputy Minister of Justice, he has worked assiduously in reforming the Sierra Leone Justice system.

Napoleon Koroma has been working cordially with his boss the Minister of Justice to advise His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio and the New Direction Government on Legal Matters, which is why a lot of reformation has been achieved in the sierra Leone Judiciary system.

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The Minister of Tourism Dr Memunatu Pratt is another household name that has the Passion and energy to push on President Julius Maada Bio Agenda.
I can’t over-emphasise on Dr Memunatu Pratt’s Knowledge and experience in National issues, Internal Politics, and leadership skills.

Dr Memunatu Pratt’s level of education and experience is a big plus to nation-building. Dr Memunatu Pratt has served as Senior Lecturer and head of department at the University of Sierra Leone(FBC) for over 20 years, She served as head of department in USL for eight(8) years.

Dr Memunatu Pratt brought a wealth of experience that has led to the transformation and recognition of the Sierra Leone Tourism Sector at national and international levels.

In 2020 Dr Memunatu Pratt and the government of Sierra Leone hosted 700 Danes Tourists with 227 vehicles to the country.
This year October 8th 2022, Sierra Leone will host 600 Danes Tourists with 237 vehicles in the Bamako-Freetown tourist rally.
Under the leadership of Dr Memunatu Pratt in the Tourism ministry, Sierra Leone was ranked among the top 50 countries for the best Tourist destination country in the world by a US-based organisation.

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