The Rangers Devour the Lions

Bo Rangers 2021 Squad

By Amara Thoronka

Bo Rangers Football Club has on Saturday 24th April defeated East End Lions 2-1 in an encounter at the Bo Mini Stadium in Bo District, southern Sierra Leone. The game was one of the opening matches signalling the commencement of the 2021 Sierra Leone Premier League.

The game started with fierce challenges and dribbles from both sides which helped the Lions to have the first goal of the match. There was jubilation from the visiting side as they perceived that to be a very good start.

The mood of the game changed when the nationally acclaimed striker of Bo Rangers [a former striker of End Lions), Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as ‘Musa Tombo’ scored the equalizer, thereby igniting the Rangers to prey on the Lions.

The high momentum and pace facilitated by the prolific Musa Tombo motivated striker Paul Kabba Tucker to waste to time in the second half of play to give the Rangers the winning goal.

At this time, the whole stadium was overwhelmed with the jubilant portrayals of Rangers supporters. The noise could even be heard from different direction far outside the stadium where others were watching the match via television and live streaming on Facebook.

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Musa Tombo was bought from East End Lions for a whopping sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-five Million Leones (Le 225,000,000); a signing described by many football enthusiasts as unique and remarkable in the local sporting history of Sierra Leone; making the young striker the most expensive Sierra Leone Premier League player ever. He scored 15 goals in the 2019 Sierra Leone Premier League, making him the highest goal scorer of the league.

It was very emotional to see children, youths and surprisingly the aged rushing to touch, greet or pose for a photo with Musa Tombo. Interesting, because he is now playing for Bo Rangers, the people of Bo District have re-nicknamed him “Musa Kakua.” Kukua is the Chiefdom covering the heart of Bo District.

In a post match press conference, East End Lions coach, Ibrahim Sillah and his captain, Yeami Dunia said the Rangers were a strong side; noting that they would go to the drawing board and correct their mistakes in preparation for the next encounter.

Head coach of Bo Rangers , John Dominic Konneh told newsmen that through proper coordination and communication his boys were able to come from defeat and devoured the Lions with a 2-1 victory. Team captain of Bo Rangers, defender Morie Alie expressed delight over their victory; registering determination to continue in like manner.

The Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers, Mr. Babadi Kamara also signalled great appreciation over what he described as “excellent performance” by his boys. Kamara is considered by the technical team, players and supporters of Bo Rangers as the godfather of the Club as he continues to hugely invest in the team and Bo District both in cash and in kind.

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